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Frequently Asked Questions about tryouts...

Do you charge a tryout evaluation fee?

     Yes... there is a $50 yearly registration fee due at the time of evaluations


Do most athletes make teams?

     Yes, with the creation of levels by the USASF, there are plenty of teams for all athletes. Keep in mind, teams are put into levels based on both tumbling, stunting and basing abilities. For more information, check out for level guidelines.


How do I get more information about tryouts?

   You can download a copy of the tryout packet which is under forms, or simply call and we will email it to you! it has important information about Midwest Cheer Elite, the competition schedule, price list and much more!


Do you have a booster's organization?

     Absolutely and this is a great way for parents and athletes to fundraise by working bingos, games, selling items and much more. The funds you raise help offset the cost of all-star cheerleading!


What are the ages which are eligible for tryouts?

     We have teams for children as young as 3 yrs old and as old as 18yrs of age... both boys and girls!


Are tryout evaluations open for viewing?

     No,evaluations are closed to all parents, friends and spectators.


What should I do if I can't make the evaluation dates?

     Call now to schedule a private tryout! Our staff will evaluate you and keep your information to be included with our team postings.


How stressful are tryouts?

     Not at all! Tryouts are much like a team practice, in which we are looking at your jumps, stunting and tumbling. No one is required to do a tryout routine in front of a panel of judges. It is simply our staff working with you to see how we can take your talent to the next level.





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