Classes at Midwest Toledo

Pricing Information

  • All Tumbling Classes $90 for 8 weeks
  • Beginner Basics and Jump Class – $45 for 8 weeks
  • Flex Zone – $80 for 8 weeks
  • Privates – $30 per 1/2 hour (1 student)
  • Partner Stunting Privates – $40 Per 1/2 hour partner stunt
  • Yearly Tumbling Registration – $65 for first child and $10 for siblings
  • Open Gyms – $5 for everyone

Class Descriptions

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Learning cartwheels, round offs, front limbers and bridges

This class is designed to learn the basics, in an age appropriate environment: cartwheels, round offs, flexibility and all the skills need to move into BHS 101.

The goal is to achieve a standing as well as a round off backhandspring while working on proper form.

** Must have cartwheel, round-off and backwalkover for admittance

From standing series to round off backhandspring series, this class will teach you correct form while improving your overall backhandspring

** Must have a standing BHS and a roundd-off BHS for admittance

Round off tucks, standing tucks and backhandsprings into tucks are what this class is all about

** Must have round off 3 BHS and standing 3 BHS for admittance

Perfecting body form and height of the layout, this class is designed to teach the athlete how to execute a layout correctly.

** Must have round off BHBT and standing series BHST for admittance

For the elite tumbler who wants to take it to the next level! From layout to fulls and double fulls, this class is for those striving to be the best!

** Must have a layout, standing tuck and toe touch BHST for admittance

This class is a must for all flyers and required by our AllStar flyers. From scorpions, to stretches and eventually that bow n arrow, this class will help you master flexibility for stunts and jumps.

The name says it all; clean up technique, work on combination jumps and as they say, practice makes perfect so jump, jump, jump!

Mat Rental

We offer Spring Floor rentals. The cost is a flat $30 per hour regardless of team size, per floor.

Team Tumbling

Team Tumbling is a great tool for school and rec teams. You pick the day and time, bring your team out to our facility and we provide the instruction! Cost is $100 per athlete with a minimum of 5 athletes and the registration fee is waived!


We have some of the top choreographers in the Allstar, school and rec world! Email us today and we will get you in contact with the choreographer of your choice!