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Midwest Toledo Teams


Mini Allstar Cheer Teams

  For Boys and Girls ages 9 yrs and younger.

Join one of our mini teams and take your skills to the next level.


 Youth Allstar Cheer Teams

Anyone ages 11yrs and younger are invited to join us at tryouts.

From Levels 1 to Level 5, you'll find something challenging at Midwest Cheer Elite Toledo!



Junior Allstar Cheer Teams

Boys and Girls ages 14yrs and younger can always find a spot on our Jr Coed and All Girl Junior teams.

 It's time to take it to the next level with MCE Junior Cheer Teams!


Senior Allstar Cheer Teams

From Worlds teams to teams with National titles, athletes ages 11yrs thru 18yrs have an array of teams to choose from.

We have Coed, Large and Small All Girl as well as teams for every Level, 1 thru 6.














Mon-Fri 4p-9p
Sun 9a-9p

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Midwest Cheer Elite ... Is like being home!! Professional coaching staff, great friends, awesome athletes! They care about you and your family! Success rate is outstanding! Your athlete is there number one priority and will reach their utmost confidence! Thank you Midwest Cheer Elite!!
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- Ellen Madden

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